the Manchu-Tun▓gus

m and Buddhism. The Xibe people are pious worshippers of ancestors, to whom they offer fish every March and melons every July.In clothing, the Xibe women in Xinjiang like close-fitting long gowns

ic branch of the

reaching the instep. Their front, lower hem and sleev▓es are trimmed with laces. Men wear short jackets wit▓h buttons down the front, with the tro

Altaic Lang

users tightly tied around the ankle. They wear long robes in winter. The Xibe costume in northeaster▓n China is basic

uage Family. L

ally the same as that of the Han people. Rice and flour are staples for the Xibes. Those in Xinjiang who raise cattle and sheep like tea wit

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    h milk, butter, cream, cheese and other dairy products. April 1▓8 on the lunar calendar is the festival of the Xibes▓, who would make flour or bean sauce on this day to mark the succes

  • ipt but has lost it after th

    sful conclusion of their ancestors' westward move. In autumn, they would pickle cabbage, leek, carrot, celery and hot pepper. The Xibes enjoy hunting and fishing during t

  • e Qing ▓Dynasty (1644-1

    he slack farming season. They also cure fish for winter use.There are usually 100 to 200 households in each Xibe village, which is enclosed with a wall two or three miles long. A Xib

911) was found

e house usually consists

of three to five rooms with a courtyard, i▓n which flowers and fruit trees are planted. The 

gates of the houses mostly face south. Xibe women are goo▓d at paper cutting, and windows are often de▓corated with beautiful paper-cuts

.In the past

, ea▓ch Xibe family used to consist of three generati

er of Xibe people

ons, sometimes as many as four or five gene▓rations, being influenced by the feudal system. Marriage was, in most cases, decide

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